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Locate can notify third party systems when locatin based events happen in our platform.


Just add our iOS or Android SDK to be up and running fast. Full API access for creating and editing geofences.

Detailed Documentation

Read our docs to learn about install and placement best practices.

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Message Users As They Pass Your Locations

Show Users Content That’s Relevant To Their Location
Add a virtual boundary and target users as they enter, leave or dwell within that area.
Monitor Unlimited Locations
Locate's native technology allows you to bypass mobile OS restrictions and monitor unlimited locations.

Indoor Proximity with iBeacon

Know When Users Are Just a Few Steps Away

Use MicroBeacon zones to track and message users when they are in the right place. (Minimum size 1 meter).

Help Your App Users Navigate IndoorsPro

Make it easy for users to find what they are looking for with real-time indoor navigation and mapping.
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Venues
  • 1,000's

Manage Deployments at Scale

Admin tools

Manage All of Your Geofence
and iBeacon Data in One Place

Add, group, remote monitor and batch update geofences and beacons with an easy to use admin panel.
Import wizard

Bulk Import Geofences for
All Your Locations in Minutes Premium Support

No geofence data? No Problem. We can find and import geofence locations based on a company name, keywords or latitude/longitudes.
Beacon manager

Beacon Management Tools

Monitor everything from battery levels to theft, using Locate's best-in-class beacon management tools.
Beacon securityPro

Protect Your Beacons

Protect your beacons against 3rd party piggybacking, spoofing, hijacking and cracking with best in class beacon security.

Industry-Leading Accuracy That is Light On Power

Low battery power

Go Easy On Your Users’ Devices

High accuracy location data without battery drain.
Don’t just take our word for it - our benchmarks stand behind our promise.
Background mode

Monitor for Users Even When the App is Closed

Locate's geofence and beacon infrastructure works even when the app is running in background or has been force quit.

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Companies of all sizes rely on Locate
to power location marketing


  • Radial Geofences

    Quickly add radial geofences around any location.

  • Polygon Fences

    Monitor rooms within a location without physical hardware.

  • Dwell TimePro

    Target users based on how long they stay in locations.

  • Import wizard

    Quickly find and add geofence locations.

  • Background mode

    Beacon and geofence monitoring works in the background.

  • Unlimited fences

    Locate allows you to add unlimited geofences.

  • Low battery consumption

    Monitor for multiple locations with no battery drain.


  • Standard beacons

    Setup a beacon radius from 2m to 50m.

  • Micro beaconsPro

    Beacon monitoring accuracy to the inch.

  • Dwell time

    Target users based on how long they stay in a beacon zone.

  • Security

    Best in class security to protect your beacon fleet.

  • Battery monitoring

    Locate will tell you when beacon batteries need to be replaced.

  • Bulk import

    One click importing of multiple beacons.